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Guitar seminars

Seminars for all


These seminars are made to have everyone engage in the art of creating music. This allows students to express their creativity on the principals just learned.

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Different seminars

There are a few different seminars that are done. Each range in what is taught to how many weeks they last.

Children Seminars

These seminars are made for children . they are simple and fun and the children get to work together to learn how to play songs. Ages 6 and up

Teens seminar

This seminar is geared toward teenagers and their interests. Ages 13 and up

Adult seminar

This is an enlightening seminar that will rehabilitate a persons desire to learn how to play music. This is for beginners or those who had learned in the past but were not successful. Or can be for the guitarist who wants to get the rust off and back into playing mode.


How much are they? The cost varies depending on the type of seminar done.

Can my children of different age groups attend the same seminar? Yes, I welcome entire families to attend the seminars when they all can. The Children seminar is best for that so the little one can keep up.

Do I have to bring a guitar? Yes, Guitar Education doesn't provide guitars for the seminars. It's best to have your own anyway so that you can practice what you'll learn in the seminar. 

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