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Parts of the guitar

The Headstock


This is the part of the guitar that you use to tune the strings and hold them in place. The word "stock" means the part of something that moves. The head just means the top of the instrument

The neck/ fretboard


The neck of the guitar is also called the fretboard. It's because the frets (metal slivers glued to the neck) are on the neck.

The body


On the electric guitar (pictured) the body has a few parts. 



This is called a "pickup"  because it picks up the sound. These are on all electric guitars.

The bridge


The part of the guitar that holds the strings in place. The bridge can be used to raise or lower the strings from the fretboard.

Volume/tone knobs and pickup selector


The knobs control the volume of the guitar and the tone of it as well. The pickup selector is used to change which pickup is used. The different pickup locations change the sound of the pickup.

Guitar maintenance


Learn how to change strings


Learn how to repair guitars


Learn to keep your guitar in great shape