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Joe's Easy guitar book


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This book makes it easy to learn guitar. With less words and more pictures to show children how to play. Saving them from frustration in learning and makes them learn faster which means less stress for them and you! 

Some of the benefits of this unique book:

  1. Colored strings that come with the book make it more fun to play guitar and exciting. 
  2. Keeps children happy and interested in learning. 
  3. They make faster progress and learn songs quicker makes them gain more confidence.
  4. Less words to read so they can start playing right away
  5. Parents don't need to know how to play to help their child practice and improve. The book covers that!
  6. The colored strings makes it easy for them to know what they are playing. Makes it less confusing
  7. Easy to read and use charts that make understanding music simple and get them playing right away. 

The best children's program to learn music

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